After Hours Outages for February 15 & 16 – IMPORTANCE HIGH

Dear WIEC Members,


We wanted to provide you with information regarding after hour outages for Monday February 15, 2021 and Tuesday February 16, 2021 considering the recent weather issues throughout the United States.

WIEC after hour call center Cooperative Response Center (CRC) has three call center locations which are in Texas, Tennessee, and Minnesota. WIEC was informed that Texas call center is out of power and their backup generator keeps failing. Texas is getting ice and snow and unfortunately no one can get to office. Texas is also dealing with rolling blackouts in addition to the power outages from the storm.

Currently CRC is operating at full capacity in both Minnesota and Tennessee and continue to bring in additional staff. CRC wanted to provide update to WIEC and let them know that calls from WIEC members will experience delays in getting through likely for at least the next day or two until Texas facility is able to reopen and power restored in the area.

WIEC has made the decision not to call forward our phones after hours to CRC. WIEC will forward phones to Todd Grotts – Manager, Ryan Biery – Operations Manager. So, for any afterhours 4:30 pm through 8:00am outages from Monday night starting at 4:30 pm until Wednesday at 4:30 pm please call numbers below in that order. If you get a busy signal on all the numbers, please keep trying until you get through otherwise, we may not know your out of power. Please do not report outage thru Facebook or WIEC website. Thank you for your patience.

1. 1-217-357-3125
2. 1-800-576-3125
3. 1-217-430-6322
4. Emergency 1-217-357-7342
5. Emergency 1-217-357-1691