2017 Youth to Washington Winner Named

WIEC announces “Youth to Washington” Tour Winner


 Allison Morgan, daughter of Ben and Kathy Morgan, Hamilton,  was  named WIEC’s “Youth to Washington” tour winner.  Allison,  is a Hamilton High School junior  and won the all-expense paid trip to Washington DC as the winner  of the Youth to Washington Web Quiz.

The “Youth to Washington” tour gives  students the chance to get out of their houses and possibly into the White House. Even if they don’t bump into the President, they’ll still have a chance to chat with other key Congressional legislators. Students will spend the week of June 9-16, 2017  visiting historically significant national sites, touring some of our most moving memorials, and browsing the campus of our nation’s capital. During their time in D.C., they will ride a river boat down the Potomac, tour the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, and visit the Supreme Court. And those are just a few of the things that are planned. Many participants refer to it as “a trip of a lifetime”.

The tour is designed to provide an opportunity for outstanding rural young people to better understand the value of rural electrification. It familiarizes them with the historic and political environment of our nation’s Capital through first-hand looks at monuments, government buildings, and cooperative organizations.

Megan won the trip by entering the Youth to Washington Web Quiz offered by WIEC. Congratulations, Allison!