Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal has proven itself to be an extremely energy efficient way to heat and cool homes and businesses. Geothermal systems can save 50% in energy costs and has proven to decrease maintenance costs as well. The average payback period is 6-8 years.

For more information on how geothermal works, go to or websites. These are great websites for more detailed information.

Installation of geothermal unit may also be eligible for a  WIEC ERC loan.These loans are available for members with good credit who want to install geothermal in a new or existing structure on WIEC lines.

WIEC Manager Tommie Long says, “WIEC members who install this type of heat will also receive a $1,000 bill credit at installation. When combined with our geothermal rate it makes a good deal even better.” In order to meter the kilowatts eligible for the rate, WIEC must install a second meter. There is a $6 monthly charge for this meter.